Barne gandhe chhonde geetite – Lyrics and Song –

SD Burman – Lyricist, Composer and Singer.
Hindi version: Phoolon ke rang se sung by Kishoreda, Music and Lyrics SD Burman Movie Amar Prem

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Gayok : Sachin Dev Burman

Barne gandhe chhonde geetite hridoy-e diechho dola
rong-ete rangia rangaile more e ki tabo horikhela
tumi je fagun ronger agun tumi je roser dhara
tomar madhuri tomar modira kore more dishahara|
mukta jemon suktir buke temoni amate tumi
amar porane premer bindu tumi sudhu tumi||
premer anal-e jwalie prodip se diper sikha tumi
jonaki pakhaye jhikimiki neche e hridi nachale tumi
apon haraye udasi gaaner laho go premanjali
tomare rochia bhorechhi amar baul gaaner jhuli|
mukta jemon suktir buke temoni amate tumi
amar porane premer bindu tumi sudhu tumi||
chomoki dekhinu amar premer joar tomari maajhe
hridoy dolaye dolao amare tomar hiyar-e majhe
tomar praner pulok probaho mishite chahe amate
japo mor naam gaho mor gaan amari ektarate|
mukta jemon suktir buke temoni amate tumi
amar porane premer bindu tumi sudhu tumi||
tumi sudhu tumi…
tumi sudhu tumi…

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Dark Poem Vol I – Poem 6 (Dedicated)

A heart sinks a little,
Footsteps trace back to the valley of darkness,
Whatever he touches turns to dust,
He knows not why,

The journey he thought that led him to light,
Now seems bleak,
He wanders amidst unknown terrain,
Yet, this path seems familiar,

He seeks shelter in a cave,
A cave he built long ago,
Where he stays aloof from the world,
In the shadow of his own misery.

MOVIE REVIEW: PIKU (No spoilers)

Finally, saw a new movie this Sunday. It seemed interesting and the trailer told me that i should give it a try. So, I did.

The movie starts off well, explaining the circumstances of what we should be in for. Each character is developed well throughout the movie. The dialogues are well crafted. The Bong-ism is brought in very well and very apt. Family trouble and struggle will, maybe, remind you of your own.

The movie is not about why Piku but about the journey that Piku (Deepika Padukone), her father Bhaskor Banerjee, their so to say butler and Rana Chaudhary (Irrfan Khan). The transformation that happens in their lives.

There are funny instances throughout, but some really got me crackling. But, keeping all the chuckles, the great acting especially by Irrfan, and the good journey aside open,product placement in the movie really messed it up for me. Many may not still understand this, but being from an advertising background myself, I really find this as a hiccup.

#iRate: 4 stars for Irrfan’s acting and the movie transformation of the characters.

Recommendation: One time watch. just go for it.


Is it fine, is it alright, will it ever be the same, I know not, is it good, is it bad, who am I to judge? Am simply a mediocre person in the crowd, just another someone, is it okay to be afraid? Yes, losing you is not an option, after all we both know it’s written, is it okay to be scared? Yes, as I sit at the edge of my seat awaiting your reply, as I wait eager for you to leave, as I eagerly await your return, I am scared, scared that you might say no, that you may fall for someone else, that I will lose the only one hope I have left. Scared and then scared for life, for my heart shall ache and break but never find love again, and I shall have taken the path of solidarity then, but I dont want to, I want to live, love, spend the rest of my life with you, with you I feel complete, with you I care less about everything else, everyone else, with you I am me, the real me, the me no one has seen, you make me believe that we were destined, that we were meant to be, that we have to be together, need to be together, this monologue is my heart’s cry and my mind’s pain, this is my frustration, my anxiety, my fear, this is what I think every day, and will be, most likely thinking till you leave, give me an answer, and return back, return back to me, only me, no one else, because you are mine, always will be, you were, undoubtedly, destined to be. Without you life shall be empty, hollow, worthless, without you, in short, there shall be no life to live. So hear my plea, please, o please be with me.


There have been times, troubled times. Many times I have wondered will I ever make it? Will I get through this? Will it ever be? Every time life has indeed surprised me with wonderful opportunities. Unfortunately, as I get more comfortable, life goes for a toss.

I guess I’m tired, drained from all this. Need to break free, break away. Recently, I did get this opportunity. Again it seems bleak. But that isn’t keeping me back from doing what I feel like doing.

Then again, what would life be? Spending time alone. In the boulevard of desires. Well, I’m planning to move abroad. But, alone. That doesn’t mean anything unless. Haa, yes that statement will remain incomplete for sometime. I wish I could put this entire charade, no debacle.

Waiting, struggling is what I have done till now. Don’t know how long I can put up with this.

Note to self: Move ahead. Life is awaiting. There are many people who you inspire and have great hopes that one day you too will do something great. Be someone of importance. But for now, just focus on those who believe in you. Be reason you want to exist. Only time is what is left at hand.


Well, I am finally moving to a new place to work. New faces, new environment, a few known faces. This is what I’m in for. I strongly believe that when you move to a new place, there should at least be one person you know. Helps to adjust.

I don’t know what fate has in store for me. Writing, Copywriting, Movies, Lyricist or something else. For now, I’m going to do my best in Copywriting along with churning out Lyrics for my friend who will soon come down to Mumbai for a recording.

Life never ceases to surprise everyone. Hopefully it will not leave me out either.

Live to write another day!